We Are Moving To LA!!!

Bee Says: Crikey, ok. Where to start? I guess the beginning would be a good place and trust me the beginning is really really recently. Before we went travelling I worked for a great visual effects company setting up their social media and digital marketing. This job took me out to their West Coast office (I blogged at the time about it here & here) which was a hoot. I loved the studio in Los Angeles when I visited; really soaking up the family-mentality and collaborative, supportive approach to work. I also appreciated the quality of life that the employees there seemed to strike a pretty perfect balance at; sure they worked super hard… but there was a big importance attached to going surfing, or to leave on time & go on an adventure whether that be to the desert, the mountains, the beach or the “wild west”. However time ticked by and I left that job to take the opportunity to travel South & Central America; and this blog was born! The end of our trip saw us back in… LA! And as you probably remember; we rather left our hearts there.


We’ve had a few conversations since we got back from travelling about the future. Another epic backpack excursion doesn’t seem financially viable as it took us 3 years to save for the first one! We’ve also both enjoyed elements about getting our teeth back into our careers (although less about being back in pesky pricey London!) and so we have multiple times talked about wishing we could relocate to another city… another country… namely LA. However; it seemed like that ship had sailed. That moment had passed. That door had closed. Or so we thought.

I was approached by a colleague that I grew close in my previous role. And it just turned out they had an opening for a Head of PR & Marketing in their West Coast office, based in Los Angeles. And they wanted me. *insert general life imploding and ALL the feelings*


I’ll skip over the business bits; but safe to say there were processes and long phone calls and interviews-but-not-interviews and negotiations and discussions. Overlaid on this were the soul searching, deep-digging conversations Nick and I had to have… and pretty quickly as all this has occurred in the space of weeks rather than months.

So yeah. We are moving to LA! We will head off rather promptly after our wedding in September; making the move a sort of perma-honeymoon. Obviously there are cons as with any life decision (I will miss my friends and family desperately, I’ll be sad to leave a position at Penguin that I’ve worked blooming hard at and colleagues I admire, we are going to be oh so far far away etc) but ultimately this opportunity feels like to us like we have won the lottery. What a way to start married life? With a whole NEW adventure. There is something so intoxicating and alluring about moving to California. The lifestyle, the trips we can take, the sunsets, the fact we will do our “grocery shopping” in TRADER JOES. I could talk about my thoughts and brain whitterings endlessly (and am sure I will – obviously we’ll be documenting this process in the usual method of blogging away) but they tend to revolve around “will I need black tights in LA”, “shit, I need to relearn to drive stat” “am I going to lose my northern accent?” “what the heck is a sloppy joe?” and “will we make new friends ok?”


It is such a huge relief to have this out in the open. We actually haven’t told anyone bar family up until this point so please don’t be offended if you’ve seen us recently and we didn’t spill all (even when drunk – how impressive?!) We just didn’t want to tell anyone until we had our interview with the U.S consulate and our visas accepted. Because honestly until then it was all still pie in the sky – and I knew it wasn’t a done deal until we had that stamp. We wanted to just know for sure before doing well.. this! Getting excited! The whole process has been mind-blowing in that we’ve been working with an attorney (ooh la la) and I really extra appreciate that her last name was Cohen (fans of The O.C hands up). But here we are, and we are official, and it looks like California here we come…


Nick Says: LA!!!!!!! That’s about all really. It really was too much of a great opportunity to say no to. It was the right time, in the right place. So while I’ll be sad to leave behind the UK (again), I cannot wait to go and explore a new part of the world. So expect a North American focus from TwentySomethingBurnouts over the next few years, as we see what the USA, Canada, Mexico and all the others have to offer. I’m already planning road trips, train trips, and back country adventures. I reckon we’ll be perfectly positioned in California to make the most of our time there. And for those who find themselves on the West Coast, look us up and we’ll go grab some fish tacos.

I loved my time in LA, way more than I expected to, and can’t wait to go back there, but this time to see it as our new home. It’s going to be a challenge for sure, but we’re lucky enough to know a few people who have lived abroad (and some in LA too) and will be asking them for all the advice we can. So see you all in LA! But before we go, we have the small matter of our wedding to sort out…


15 thoughts on “We Are Moving To LA!!!

  1. Kate

    GAHHHH ♥ too much love. Remember in the olden dayze when couples would only move in together once they were married & how much of an exciting adventure that probably was? This is the uber mega modern version of that. I can’t wait to see more about your American escapades & your travels in my firm-fave Canada & mostly, I can’t wait to get out & see you both.

    1. Bee Post author

      I love this way of looking at it! And unlike olden dayza – rather than having to do the cooking, I just get to take Nick to Umami Burger every night!

  2. Laura

    This is so mega exciting! Congrats Bee on your new job and your new life together!

    Just wondering, as a friend of mine’s moving to New York soon and her boyfriend wasn’t able to go with her due to visa issues, is it easier because you’ll both be married by then? Or has Nick found a job there too?

    Anyway can’t wait to read all about your adventures over there (you lucky people escaping this dreary rainy weather too!) xx

    1. Bee Post author

      Thanks so much lovely Laura – we can’t wait to get stuck into our new life and explore! And yes; in answer to your visa question – we have been extremely fortunate firstly in that we’ll be married (so Nick can just be a spouse on my visa) but secondly that my company have very generously helped us out with some of the costs associated with both visas – otherwise it would have been really spendy. Nick hasn’t found a job yet, but we still obv need two salaries to support all our adventures (and we want to get a cat!) so he’ll start looking for work once out there- it helps that he works in TV so there should be a ton of options. We are so blessed – it’s insane and I am totally pinching myself still!

    1. Bee Post author

      Why of course! We have so many friends in Canada that we’ll definitely be heading there regularly.

  3. Kirstin Anderson

    Best of luck beautiful Bee and your lovely man! I’ve loved following your adventures!!

    Love, Kirstin xxx

    1. Bee Post author

      Aw thanks so much sweetpea – it’s so lovely to hear from you. I’m glad that we will be back on top adventure form with tons to talk about! x

  4. Tim Rabjohns

    Hey – great news – Knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of the media industry for long :-)

    I look forward to hearing all your Mill and non- Mill related adventures and the continual slide of your British accent. My Brother’s been in Chicago for 20 years and he dosn’t know what he is any more!

    Happy Days!

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