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A Big Thank You! We Made the Shortlist!


Bee & Nick Say: After one of our more epic travel days that involved 17 hours on a cargo boat, speed boat, a lift with a man who had a distinct Tony Soprano vibe in his jeep AND a bus that kicked us out on a motorway forcing us to walk 2km in the dark having no clue where we were…. We were not in a good mood when we arrived at our hostel.

All of this changed when we logged on to our email and found out that we’ve been shortlisted in the travel category of the UK Blog Awards! From 50 nominations to a group of 10 shortlisted, we now get to go to a snazzy awards do once we are back in London. This in itself is a prize… The prospect of “black tie” after wearing the same two tee shirts for 6months will be dreamy. Most importantly THANK YOU to everyone who voted, tweeted & has tuned in to our travel tales. It makes every sweatbox cyber cafe session battling foreign keyboards worthwhile!