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(Please note the following interview was done pre-travel, and we are now back in the UK, but want to leave it here because it makes for an interesting snap shot of Nick pre-big-trip!)

About: I’m a twenty-something guy from the South of England. I’ve been enjoying the many pleasures of London for the last 6 years, but felt the call of adventure/wearing a vest & boardies again. In real life I work in TV trying to come up with ideas for new shows. Some of them were even on your screen. I also write for the excellent cult website Den of Geek. I consider myself incredibly lucky that I’m getting to do this, and can’t think of a better way to spend the money I’ve saved up then seeing the world.

Likes: Adventures, exploring, meeting new people, having that slight ‘oh crap’ feeling when you’re out of your comfort zone. Also cats. I really like cats.

Dislikes: Sweaty headbands. I had an unfortunate dalliance with them on my last bout of extended backpacking. Not my best look.

Past Experience: As a kid, holidays to me meant visiting my Nan & Grandad near Middlesbrough. Which isn’t the most exotic place in the world… However, that all changed post-university for me when I took off for 9 months to Australia, South-East Asia, South Korea and Hong Kong. Since then I’ve never looked back, and have visited India, Morocco, most of Western Europe (including Liechtenstein), Central Europe, and the Balkans. Brilliantly my brothers and parents also share this love of leaving Britain, so it’s a family business.

Most Looking Forward To: I’ve been wanting to go to South and Central America my entire adult life. It’s always been a big goal, so truth be told I’m looking forward to everything! The sights and sites, the people, the treks, the local beers, the boat trips, the islands, the sheer amazingness of getting to go. I’m particularly excited about Colombia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, but looking forward to which places are going to surprise me the most.

Biggest Challenge: My Spanish is definitely only at the phrases and offering to buy beer for people stage, so working hard at that will be the biggest challenge. I also want to make sure we see enough, without rushing through everywhere. I really like the logistics of planning a trip, but this one is pretty tricky!

Things I’ll Miss The Most: Somehow we’ve planned the trip so I miss the final two episodes of the last season of Breaking Bad. DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!! Based on previous experience, I’ll also really miss cheese & pickle sandwiches.

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