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(Please note the following interview was done pre-travel, and we are now back in the UK, but want to leave it here because it makes for an interesting snap shot of Bee pre-big-trip!)

About: I’m a twenty-something Yorkshire lass, who’s been living merrily in London until recently developing a serious case of the seven-year itch. Up until that point I was marketing manager at Nickelodeon (I speak fluent SpongeBob) and then Head of Social Media for a global VFX company, whilst running my own London lifestyle blog Like a Skeleton Key. This is by far the scariest but most brilliant and crazy decision I have ever made.

Likes: Hot sauce, initiating human pyramids, zombie movies, baking elaborate cakes that look great but taste terrible, writing, exploring.

Dislikes: Pickle (the food, the substance and people calling me it), arrogance, travel sickness, being a walking feast for mozzies and midges.

Past Experience: I didn’t step foot on a plane for the first time until I was 17, so foreign travel wasn’t even a concept in my pre-adult life, but I’m making up for lost time! My only backpacking experience has been around Spain and a few months living in Toronto. Holiday-wise I’ve been to South Africa, Namibia, USA and lots of bits of Europe. Very weirdly, mostly thanks to my previous job, the place I’ve visited most outside of the UK is Los Angeles! We took our first couple holiday to Morocco earlier this year and a heady itinerary of treks, souks and national parks was a perfect “appetiser” to this trip.

Most Looking Forward To: The waterfalls in Venezuela, hitching a hammock ride on a boat down the amazon, the salt flats in Bolivia, the opera house in the jungle, doing a homestay on Lake Titicaca, taking an alternative trek to Machu Picchu , night-treks looking for sloths in Costa Rica, ALL of Guatemala… the list could go on forever. I’m also massively looking forward to trying out my level-3 Spanish on the locals and making some amigos! The thing I am looking forward to above anything else though… is the stars. I’m preparing for some mind-blowing nighttime gazing.

Biggest Challenge: Avoiding THE FEAR. I’m currently trying to ignore the fact that all the scariest bugs and beasties at Leeds Tropical World are from the areas I am about to be trekking in. I’m also having to stop myself reading the “Dangers & Annoyances” sections obsessively in my Lonely Planet books. Especially the ones that advise you to carry a machete(!)

Things I’ll Miss The Most: Looking at Twin Peak GIFs on the internet, eating cheeseburgers and my family & friends.

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